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Mesothelioma Patients Can Benefit from Good Nutrition

Mesothelioma Treatment

Mesothelioma Treatment

Ask a patient who’s been diagnosed with mesothelioma what they’re most concerned about, and it’s unlikely that they’re going to say food. But according to oncology dietitian Stephanie Swavely of the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute at Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine, by paying attention to the foods that they’re eating and the way that they are preparing it, patients with cancer can provide themselves with a real boost. They’ll get through their course of treatments much more easily, and feel better afterwards more quickly.

Swavely says that there are a number of ways that cancer can impact appetite and interest in food, and the same is true of the treatments that are commonly used – particularly chemotherapy. “Oncology patients most often experience a loss of appetite and weight loss that begins before diagnosis and can persist throughout the continuum of treatment. This loss of appetite and associated weight loss can be complicated by treatment side effects, including taste changes, feeling full quickly, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and difficulty swallowing.”

But that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s important to eat nutritiously. In fact, for those suffering from mesothelioma cancer, eating a healthy diet is imperative to extending survival.  Swavely suggests taking the time to learn what you can do and what to expect.  “Educate yourself and know where to find accurate and safe nutrition information. Meeting with a registered dietician may be helpful.” She also urges patients to have family members and friends learn these essentials as well so that they can help in the preparation and know what you should not or cannot eat. “Foods to avoid during treatment vary depending on treatment and the individual. There are general guidelines for dealing with nausea and diarrhea, such as avoiding spicy foods and high-fat foods; however, not all of these foods fit for everyone. The role of the oncology dietitian is to tailor these guidelines to meet the individual’s unique preferences and needs to make eating tolerable as well as appealing.”

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