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Mesothelioma Patients Can Benefit From Pre-Hospice Service

There’s a growing movement in the care of elderly patients, and it’s one that could provide tremendous benefits for mesothelioma patients. It’s called pre-hospice care, and it is designed to help those who want to stay at home for as long as possible.  Social workers and nurses visit patients in their homes, providing them with greater independence and information that helps them accomplish their goals. By instructing patients on better self care and helping them to create end-of-life plans, they are able to minimize the number of emergency hospital visits, reduce overall costs, and provide patients with the ability to remain where they are most comfortable.

Palliative care programs offer mesothelioma patients and others for whom the end of life is in sight a way to handle their needs with a minimum of chaos and expense. Though pre-hospice programs accomplish these goals, there have been issues with how to fund them, as traditional health care systems provide payment for office visits and for beds in hospital, but not for services provided in the home. The Affordable Care Act offered a means to payment, however: it offers financial rewards for networks that are able to work together to keep patients healthier, and that is one of the benefits of home-based palliative care.

One of the first home-based palliative care programs was tested by Kaiser Permanente almost twenty years ago. They found that those who were able to receive care at home were highly satisfied. Additionally they found that they had fewer hospitalizations in their final months and that the overall cost of care was one third less than was true of those who did not receive this type of care. Perhaps most importantly, others who worked with patients in hospice care found that patients who received care at home lived longer than had been anticipated by their physicians. 

All evidence – both anecdotal and research-based – has pointed to the benefits of providing mesothelioma patients, other advanced care patients, those with dementia and other progressive illnesses with home-based care. It not only provides them with greater support, but also results in more confidence and less stress for caregivers and fewer trips to the emergency room. One study showed that it could save $4,200 per month for cancer patients and almost $3,500 for those suffering from heart failure.

Finding ways to improve the quality of life for people who are suffering from mesothelioma is one of our goals at Mesothelioma.net. For information on how we can help, call our Patient Advocates today at 1-800-692-8608.


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