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New Protocol Being Used in Turkey for Mesothelioma Treatment

Turkey has long been known to be one of the areas of the world that have been most devastated by mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. This is in large part due to the fact that the country’s geology is rich in erionite, a material that is very similar to asbestos. With the country’s population so devastated by these serious and often fatal diseases, researchers devote tremendous energy to finding protocols that will extend the lives of victims, and On my way! they believe that a new combination of drugs may offer great hope.

Doctors from the Antalya Education and Research Hospital in Antalya, Turkey are reporting that an unusual combination of oral drugs that they have been testing seems to be successfully slowing the progress of mesothelioma in patients for whom other protocols have stopped working. The cancer researchers have been combining oral cyclophosphamide and etoposide, OR “EE” as they are calling it and finding positive results. Over half of the patients that they treated with the EE combination have experienced a stabilizing effect on their disease, providing them with a greater period of time during which their tumors stopped growing.Though 54% showed this slowing, in four out of the 22 patients involved in the clinical testing the results were even more promising – the tumors actually shrunk in size. For the remaining 35% of patients, the drug combination showed no impact and the mesothelioma continued at the same progress that it had shown prior to treatment.

The medications that are used in the EE combination are both anticancer drugs. The cyclophosphamide is used in chemotherapy for the treatment of lymphoma, leukemia, and even for brain cancers. Scientists believe that it eliminates some of the T-cells that suppress the body’s immunity. The other medication is a toxin that is derived from an American plant called a Mayapple. Though most mesothelioma patients receive a combination of pemetrexed and cisplatin in combination with or in lieu of surgery, researchers have been searching for a second line of treatment for when that therapy is no longer effective. The Turkish researchers believe that EE may provide an answer for those patients. Though the EE does not completely stop the progress of the disease, it did extend overall survival for patients who responded to it by a median of 7.7 months.

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