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North Carolina Asbestos Cleanup Raises Concerns About Mesothelioma

Residents of a North Carolina housing development are voicing renewed concerns about their risk of mesothelioma as the U. S .Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) begins a cleanup project in their neighborhood. At issue is an area near a former mill that was once used as an asbestos dumping ground.

According to those who are currently living in the 20-home development, the site of EPA workers mowing the lawn in white protective clothing and gas masks is reassuring and alarming at the same time. Tim Mascara told the local National Public Radio station, “It was humorous, because you see guys in full white suits and gas masks on, respirators on, pushing lawn mowers across the yard. Then they caught all the clippings and put ’em on a truck and hauled ’em off and tested ’em.” The good news is that tests of the grass, and others measuring air quality, showed no signs of airborne asbestos, which is the primary concern for neighbors. But that one relief does little to allay the angers and fears of those who have been trying to get the asbestos clean-up done for years.

Though the clean up project is currently getting the attention that it deserves, it has been a long time coming. John Armstrong is another neighbor, and he says that his yard is one of those that has been found to have asbestos contamination. He says that he and other neighbors are frustrated that it has taken them so long, and they worry that their years of living near the carcinogenic material may have made them vulnerable to mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. “They’re still mad and angry about the years of not paying attention. Then all this growth going in, digging up the ground that they knew that was infested with asbestos.”

The ongoing EPA project is a $3 million Superfund program that will pay for both testing and clean up. Unlike many other EPA projects, this one will be safe from potential EPA asbestos cuts that have been proposed by the Trump administration. Full cleanup is slated to begin in the middle of May. It will start with the Davidson Presbyterian Church, then move on to the homes, digging up and removing a foot of soil, laying down a plastic barrier, then replacing the soil with clean soil. Residents will be displaced for a few days, with all expenses paid by the EPA.

If you have been exposed to asbestos then you understand the concerns of Davidson’s citizens. For those who need information on available medical or financial resources, Mesothelioma.net has answers. Contact our Patient Advocates today at 1-800-692-8608.


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