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Get a Free Copy of Beating the Odds – Surviving Mesothelioma

Get a Free Copy of Beating the Odds – Surviving Mesothelioma

Beating the Odds book
A diagnosis of mesothelioma can be devastating. And being given a poor prognosis can leave you feeling hopeless, for yourself or a loved one. While mesothelioma is still a difficult cancer to treat, survival rates are improving and there are more and more stories of survivors. There is always hope.

Act now to get your free copy of an inspiring book: Beating the Odds – Surviving Mesothelioma. It tells the stories of five people, in their own words. Each of them was shattered when given the diagnosis of mesothelioma, and each persevered in their fights and outlasted their prognoses. Being told they had months or less to live, these survivors beat the odds, and they’ll tell you how they did it.

Meet Michelle who was just ten years old when diagnosed with mesothelioma, but who lived into adulthood thanks to treatment and a reliance on faith and family. Then there’s Lannie who bravely underwent a risky surgery to remove his lung and has now lived more than a decade after his diagnosis.

Navairre discovered she had peritoneal mesothelioma after struggling to conceive a child, but has now survived the diagnosis for over ten years. She relied on a combination of traditional and alternative medicine. Katherine was unusual to be diagnosed in the early stages of pleural mesothelioma but still has had a long battle to survive her cancer by over a decade.

Finally, you’ll read Icom’s story, one that is all too common. Icom is a U.S. Navy veteran and developed mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos as a boilerman. He is bravely battling the cancer and sharing his story.

The personal stories you’ll read in this free book are moving and inspirational. Learn how these mesothelioma patients refused to be victims, and find out what it takes to fight this cancer and outlive your prognosis.

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