French Find At-Home Rehab for Mesothelioma Patients is ‘Feasible and Safe’

It’s well established that mesothelioma patients are well-served by getting as much regular exercise as they can. Movement has been linked to an improved quality of life, as well as a powerful remedy for muscle weakness and fatigue.

Unfortunately, the side effects of chemotherapy can make the goal of participating in activities like walking, yoga, or swimming even more of a challenge.

A group of French researchers have found that by bringing rehabilitation to the patient instead of having them report to a hospital or outpatient setting, patients can get the treatment they need in a more comfortable setting.

The study looked at the feasibility of providing an at-home pulmonary rehab program to patients who were receiving chemotherapy after being diagnosed with both pleural mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Out of a group of 243 patients evaluated as being appropriate candidates for the study, 71 agreed to have their therapy provided at home. That group received both exercise training and psychosocial management to help them deal with the many stressors that a mesothelioma diagnosis introduces into a patient’s life.

All patients were provided with educational information about the therapy they recieved.

Though only a little more than half of the mesothelioma patients that enrolled in the program ended up completing the at-home rehabilitation, those who did were shown to have reduced anxiety levels and improved activity levels.

The patients were tested for their exercise tolerance with a six-minute walk test and a 6-minute stepper test at the beginning of their program, and again at the end, and almost all showed improvement. The researchers concluded that the program was both safe and successful.

If you are a caregiver for a person who has been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma, or you’re a mesothelioma patient yourself, then you know that anything that can both provide improvement in your overall well being and make your life easier is a good thing.

For information about treatment programs and other resources that are available to you, contact the helpful Patient Advocates at by calling 1-800-692-8608. We are here to help.

Terri Heimann Oppenheimer

Terri Oppenheimer

Terri Heimann Oppenheimer is the head writer of our news blog. She graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in English. Terri believes that knowledge is power and she is committed to sharing news about the impact of mesothelioma, the latest research and medical breakthroughs, and victims’ stories.

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