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MIT Scientists Look to Deliver Mesothelioma Treatments in Inhalable Form

Mesothelioma is such a lethal condition, and so challenging to treat, that cancer researchers are being forced to think outside of the box to find both better medications and better ways to deliver those medications. Scientists from MIT’s Koch Center for Integrative Cancer Research are doing both, creating a specially-formulated medication that instructs the lung’s cells to fight back against cancer, while at the same time delivering that medication in a new, highly efficient and effective way.

Inhalable treatment Delivers Genetic Instructions to Lung Cells

The new treatment is designed to help those diagnosed with lung cancers of all kinds, including pleural mesothelioma, the rare and deadly form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Basing their approach on existing research on the effectiveness of messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules in delivering genetic instructions to cells, the group then created a formula that could be inhaled. Their theory was that inhalation was a much more effective method of ensuring that the drug would be fully delivered for the maximum possible effect.

Study Shows Inhalation’s Tremendous Potential for Effective Treatment

After testing the inhalable treatment on laboratory mice, the researchers have indicated that they believe it can be an effective treatment for mesothelioma and all types of lung cancers. Their test delivered a formula that instructed the mice’s lung cells to produce a glowing protein called luciferase so that they could easily see whether the cells responded to the instructions delivered by the messenger RNA, as well as to what extent the lungs responded. The formula also was designed to enhance its staying power, ensuring that it would remain in the lungs for an extended period of time. Just 24 hours after the formula was delivered, they found that glowing luciferase was visible throughout the lungs. They were also pleased to see that luciferase was not present outside of the lungs,  meaning that the medication and its impact remained in the targeted treatment area.

This is a potentially game-changing development in mesothelioma treatment that patients and physicians alike will be watching closely. If you have been affected by mesothelioma or any other asbestos-related disease and you need information on other innovative therapies, the Patient Advocates at Mesothelioma.net can help. Contact us today at 1-800-692-8608.






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